In an effort to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are asking the following as it pertains to your photo shoot to protect the homeowner, the agent and the photographer.




Refrain from attending the photo shoot to limit unnecessary personal interaction. Our photographers are professionals and can perform the shoot in an expert manner without your attendance.

If homeowner or tenant attendance cannot be avoided, all persons will remove themselves from the property during the photo shoot. This could mean stepping outside or going into a garage while the photographer is onsite.

You will urge property owners/tenants to clean and disinfect the property  prior to the photographer’s arrival.


Our team will not touch or move anything inside of the property for everyone’s safety


It is your responsibility to turn on all lights, open blinds, open all interior doors and ensure that personal items are put away prior to our arrival.


The photographer may cancel or reschedule the shoot upon arrival if these policies are not followed, which may result in a cancellation fee.

You must agree to consent to these terms prior to scheduling a photoshoot, in the interest of everyone’s safety.

We want to ensure that all agents, homeowners and photographers stay as healthy as possible!


We cannot thank you enough for your understanding and support during this time! We’re all in this together.


Thanks for your understanding and compliance.