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At Bright & Early Productions, our photographers are specially trained to capture the best features of every home! Because every home is unique, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach with our company. Our pricing is suggested with the square footage provided. In addition, you can choose from a few optional solutions to take your marketing to the next level! Choose our "Silver Level" if Soonest availability & quickest turnaround is your priority. If QUALITY & attention to detail is what you prefer, you'll love our advanced photographers & retouchers in our Gold or Platinum Levels . Check out our "A La Carte" tab for more value & marketing solutions. For custom packages or bundled promotional offers, such as 3d Tours, Video+Photos Packages, or Home Builder Portfolio &/or Commercial Photography Services please contact our office for more information at (210)595-0664. 




  • Silver Level Photographer

  • Soonest Availability  

  • Next-Day Turnaround (before 9:00pm)

  • Branded Property Website

  • Standard Image Enhancing

  • Sized for MLS & Print Quality

  • Listing Flyer

IDEAL FOR: A listing that requires a high-quality image, and speed is the priority. At the Silver Level the B & E team will assign the first available photographer and our editors will apply the "Standard Edit", which ensures a 24 hr turnaround. 






  • Gold Level Photographer

  • Advanced Manual Edit

  • Blue Sky Guaranty 

  • Digital Yard Swap 

  • Branded Property Website

  • Standard 2 Business Day Turnaround

  • 2 Business Day Turnaround

IDEAL FOR: A listing that requires a little more attention to detail. At the Gold Level the B & E team introduces our "Advance Manual Edit", which allows your editors to slow down and concentrate on the details of the windows, countertops, and floors. Our Gold Level Photographers are equipped for additional lighting techniques to overcome lighting challenges on location.






  • Platinum Level Photographer

  • Platinum Level Retoucher

  • Advanced Image Enhancing

  • SuperSauce: Digital Picture in TV's, Digital Fireplace, Digital Yard Swap, and Sky Enhancement" ​

  • Branded Property Website

  • 6-10 Aerial Still Photos

  • 3 Business Day Turnaround

IDEAL FOR:  A listing that requires a team with some skin in the game. Each "Platinum Partner" has been with the B & E team for at least 2 yrs +, & has gone through rigorous training. Your Platinum Partner is with experienced with advanced techniques, and has a great amount of experience with luxury homes and architectural details.




  • Put your sellers at ease with less disruptions, by giving the buyers the ability to easily decide (ONLINE) whether or not a home is right for them before scheduliing an in-person visit.  

  • Buyers that are truly interested are able to make a purchasing decisions without requesting multiple showings

  • Non-Local Shoppers are more likely to purchase a home they can "tour" virtually, especially when it might take them a while to get there in person. This opens up a world of opportunity to reach shoppers moving in to town!


  • Highlight the size of the lot, or emphasize on the structure from an elavated point of view.  

  • Show the buyers the lifestyle around the home itself. Show the privacy and/or access to the amenities from up to 400 ft high. 

  • Because most agents/sellers don't think about this "angle" until it's too late, your listing will shine and stand out from the competition in the area!

Please note that the State of Texas requires all sales to be taxed at 8.25%